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02-17-2005, 10:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Kingz4life
If, Bettman wasn't a jackass they could have reached a 45 million dollar cap. He didn't want to negotiate on Tuesday he just put out the final offer. I find it funny when people call these players greedy and blame them when 24% of there salary was being cut, there was going to be a luxary tax and there was going to be a salary cap. The only POSITIVE thing the owners offered was offered monday and that was not linking salaries to revenues. Don't get me wrong Goodenow is a jackass to but when it comes down to it...I think the Union really wanted to save the season while the Bettman took a take it or leave it, no more negotiating, I don't give a **** attitude.

Add a stronger luxary tax and make the payroll at 45 million and I think the deal would've been done.
Come on. You can't seriously think for one minute that was really Bettman's FINAL offer. Anyone who has ever negoitiated a contract or even your own salary has a figure in mind. I'm willing to bet dollars to dougnuts that if Goodenow had come back with an counter offer of 45 the deal would have been done. I blame them both, however I think Goodenow did not have the player's best interest in his head.
A tad greedy and now they all have some major explaining to do to a lot of people!

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