Thread: Larry Brooks: Eight Steps To Fix Flunking Rangers
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04-13-2010, 09:26 AM
with the 10th pick..
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Originally Posted by tjs252 View Post
The problem I see with "stay the course" is that we have no legitimate in-house goal scoring options behind Gaborik as that 1A good teams need.

It's not going to be Callahan, as much as I love him, or Dubinsky or Anisimov. Those are the forwards, along with Gaborik, you plan the next five years around, since they're at the NHL level, producing and capable.

To me, you make the move for Kovalchuk, and Kovalchuk only. The other options are likely to be flawed, but Kovalchuk is a franchise changer, especially a franchise like ours, and worth going after.
kovy would be nice. brad richards would also help. those are the onlt 2 guys i would want to make a play for. the rest are guys we will overpay for long term.

we need atleast one talented forward perhaps 2. we need players who can play on the pp so we dont use ryan callahan there anymore. other than gaby, really, we have no one.

prospal- prolly not returning
joker- not returning
ec- inconsistent results
drury- 3rd/4th line aging centerman who cant score anymore.
dubi-3rd liner with limited goal scoring ability
cally-see above
arty-see above again
avery-ditto above

this team not only lacks goals, it lacks talent. top end offensive talent.

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