Thread: Larry Brooks: Eight Steps To Fix Flunking Rangers
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04-13-2010, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Brooklyndevil View Post
If the Rangers were to bury Redden, it may cause some problems with the Rangers sigining future UFA's, who at the very least would want Non Movement Clauses. I believe Elias as one, where he can't be sent to the minors.
Brooklyndevil - I totally understand and respect this thought. That being said, there are two counterpoints I'd like to offer. First of all, if there is any fear from a potential player signing here that he needs a Non-Movement-Clause to assure a spot, then I wish that player luck elsewhere. I don't want him on the Rangers as he clearly lacks the confidence that he would justify the contract he would be signing.

Also, as a potential Free Agent. Wouldn't you want to come to a team where the Front Office will try to make moves to give their team the best chance to win? If I am a potential FA and I see that the Rangers would not explore an option to assign Redden to Hartford in order to improve the team, I may have second thoughts about the Rangers as an organization.

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