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Originally Posted by New Fan Of View Post
I don't approuve this method, but I can understand it. Remember that the journalists are not the friends of the players.

For those in journalism, you know that it is not easy to have a job in that domain. When you have one, you will do "almost" anything to keep it. So, when you're boss says to go to Theodore's house, you go.

Also, please keep in minds that a "scoop" = often a raise or better work conditions.

Basically, there is three ways to have a scoop:

1)To be the "friend" of the player: Renaud Lavoie with Vincent Lecavalier and other Quebecers' players;

2)To have really good connexions: (I know that he is not a journalist, but it is for the example) Bob Hartley with the Hossa Pens/Thrashers trade;

3)To be the one to do the "duty works".

Beside, the fans are responsible for that kind of journalism, believe it or not. Journalists are not bad people, they won't go in the privacy of the players if they know that they won't sell anything tomorrow, because the fans don't care.

Finally, if we learn today (for example) that Gomez hurt himself by making high speed on his motocycle. Do you think that on this board we will talk about the bad ethic of the journalist or the fact that Gomez will miss all the playoffs ?
Depends if they are chasing gomez around on to try and get something and that happens or if they here about it and report on it. Also if the journalists arent the players friends why do the players have some sort of duty to tell them stuff, they dont get paid by the interview. People should be held accountable if they want to try to write about speculative crap, and half of the time be wrong. They dont deserve to get anything from people that they have speculated against.

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