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04-13-2010, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by CrAzYNiNe View Post
The team needs journalist? Really? Why may I ask?
No Problem,

You will find some of my previous posts. (Sorry I don't know who to quote myself yet)

Don't forget also the corporate power. You shut the locker room to all journalists (or to some journalists) you have Bell (RDS), Quebecor (JdM, TVA, Canoe), Power Coporation (La Presse), etc who is knocking on Pierre Boivin's door the following day. How much money do you think these companies give to the Habs each year for seats, charity events, "loge", etc. I am pretty sure that Mr .Desmarais from Power Corporation has Mr. Molson number on his cell.

I don't want to put words into his mouth, but I think he wanted to say that if there is less journalists (I know that it is impossible in MTL, but it is for the example) that cover the Habs' games and activities, the popularity of the Habs will decline.

Like it or not, but it helps the popularity of the Habs when La Presse, Rue Frontenac, Gazette and Journal De Montréal have like 3 full pages on the Habs each day, even in the summer. Imagine if the Habs had the same publicity than the Impact. There was only a small "Associated Press" (ou La Presse Canadienne) regarding the first Impact's game.

Also, on HF boards, members always say that "most of the bad Habs' fans" are the ones who just repeat the words of Réjean Tremblay, etc. Without them, I am pretty sure that many fans will not care or careless about the Habs.

Less journalists = Less Habs exposure = less fans = less persons at the Bell Center and less persons that buy Habs' merchandises = Habs are less profitable = Molson will maybe not be that inclined to spend to the cap and give big money to his players.

I am know you will probably find this ridiculous, but I am sure that the owners from the Ducs, Bolts, etc would like to have more than a part-time journalist to follow the team activity.

All publicity (especially, when it is free), is good publicity, even the bad ones. The important is to talk about the Habs.

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