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04-13-2010, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Garfinkel1 View Post
All they need to do is give him an ultimatum.

A)Retire. return to the league on Another team with a realistic contract. It was nice knowing you. It's sad it didn't work out. Good luck.

B)Play in front of 100-150 a night down in Hartford. Still get paid the big bucks. He will mentor our young guys. It's actually a bonus if we did this... lol.

If I am Redden, I choose option A. He has a lot of money. I know the more money the better but "For the love of the game". Nothing is more exhilarating than playing ice hockey.
A) You cannot just "retire" and then return to the league with another contract. Just because you go "oh I'm retiring, so my contract is null now, but I'll just resign elsewhere" no it doesn't work like that. If he "retires" and then wants to play in the NHL again, he is still technically under contract to us (unfortunately). The same applied to Naslund which is why he went to Sweden. If Naslund wanted to play in the NHL again, he'd have to play for the Rangers and his cap hit would go back on the books.

The only way I see him "retiring" is if he's promised another job within the organization in return for forfeiting the remaining money on the contract.

B) I'd love him to be waived and moved to Hartford but let's consider some things here. One, there is a salary cap in the AHL believe it or not, and Redden's cap hit would take up almost the entire space allotted to AHL teams. I don't know the numbers so a Wolf Pack expert is needed to help me out here. Two, Jimmy Dolan will not be happy he is paying ~24mil for a guy to play in the AHL. Sather will need to do some serious convincing to Dolan on the lines of "you will make that money back in the long run if we can put a better product on the ice in the short term" and that involves admitting he made a mistake. A tough scenario either way you look at it.

Do I think he will be in Hartford next year? Partly yes. I don't think Torts wants him on the team for next season and he will pressure Sather about it. But on the other hand, unless Reddens skills decrease yet further this off season, I'm not sure how Sather will budge on this. Dolan is already probably pissed at him, not sure how much a "buddy" can take.

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