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04-13-2010, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by NYRfan89 View Post
Players know what they are getting into on NY teams. It isn't a secret that New York fans are some of the most ruthless (see passionate) fans when it comes to performance whether it be on a baseball field, a basketball court, a football field, or a hockey rink. If you **** up, you will hear about it. If you do something good, you will hear about it.

Redden and other players who have lost the fan's favor (or never had it to begin with) should be happy and feel lucky that hockey isn't the #1 or #2 sport in this city. If this was the Yankees, he would've been chased out of town already.

When we pay the kind of money we do (like Leafs fans, Habs fans, etc.) just to watch our team play live in front of us, we have the right to be grumpy and unforgiving when the on ice performance isn't up to our expectations. That's life in a big city for you.
If this were the Yankees we wouldn't have this problem. That organization can scout talent and it shows.

Again, you are paying Cablevision/MSG your money. Ya know, those suits who are the brains that also said lets sign Wade Redden to a long term high salary.

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