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04-13-2010, 07:16 PM
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Originally Posted by New Fan Of View Post
Your right about the plane (and the animosity), this was a good decision. Agree also on the fact that some journalists think that they are "stars".

However, if you take the journalists out of the locker room, where they will make their interviews ?

Ok, let say that the Habs accepts 3 journalists from each of the big company (RDS, Power Corporation, Quebecor, etc). How they are going to be chosen ? Do the Habs will pass interviews to these journalists ? And they will need to bring their last articles ?

You see the problem:

If the companies choose, they will choose their big stars and the new young journalists will be left behind.

If the Habs choose, do you think that they will choose the journalist that has pink-glasses or the one who says that the last trade was bad or the last decision of JM wasn't good (even if his articles is based on good facts) ?
I'm not suggesting how it should work, I'm merely suggesting the Habs have cut them from under in the past (and did not impeed the organization in any direct way), and would likely do so in the future if those journalists keep believing they're bigger than the Habs and the fans, and this might or not include giving access to the LR to certain journalists or just plainly put a lower LIMIT of the number who can go in. The consequences of doing such won't be dramatic, that's why I laugh at how ignorant some journalists are, digging their own economic graves. The lowlives among them will get cut short again, and the weeding out will continue, which will infuriate some even more.

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