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02-18-2005, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by MojoJojo
I agree too. Unfortunately the business of hockey board has turned into the rant about how evil the players are board. The way I see it, the players made significant concessions on every front. Its not as if they are demanding more money, the disagreement seems to be that they are refusing to bend over all the way.

I fail to see how Bettman has done anything positive for the game of hockey by allowing things to come this far. It helps no one, especially the struggling small market franchises that he is supposed to be looking out for. The only thing I can think is that he is trying to break the union like the NFL did, laying the ground for replacement players. It just sickens me.

The small market teams you speak of are saving money by not playing this year as apposed to playing under the old contract. The ones that probably don't support Bettman are the Flyers, wings, leafs, Rangers and avs. Other than that it's full support for Bettman.

This is pretty simple. ,hockey players can't demand huge salaries because this sport doesn't have the revenue that basketball or Football does. To ask for huge amounts of money with no tv, sponsor or media deals is ridiculous. The money comes from the owners pocket. They made mistakes in the past and gambled. They figured bringing in high prices athletes would build solid franchises and foundations. Problem is, there's softball or women's basketball being played at the same time that generates more fan support (no word of a lie). Hockey doesn't make that much, threfore, the players can't demand it. Bettman is willing to share the revenue, even in players favour. Name me one other sport or even business where the employee makes %50 of the revenue. You can't. Why hockey then? You shouldn't but even Bettmen is willing to share that much. It just can't operate at 75 - 80 percent.

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