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04-13-2010, 11:12 PM
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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
I want to see Kveton and Kundratek. Kveton more.

Hopefully Grachev can break through next year. No more of this Voros ****. He has excellent work ethic but his playing is just not nhl standard.

What i want to see happen this year and in a couple of seasons.

1) Drury traded. Rosival traded. Redden sent down to Hartford. Jokinen not resigned. Shelley(1.2 mill) Prust (1 mill) Staal (2.4 mill) Girardi (1.2 mill) resigned. Sign Sharp (4.5 mill), Radulov (3.5 mill), Zherdev (3 mill). Bring Up Grachev, McD/Sauer/Potter. Sign Volchenkov (5.3 mill)... This is much more beneficial than going after Kovalchuk. Even though Kovalchuk is a star talent there are just too many holes to fill and you get so much more value out of those players than Kovy alone. How does this fit the cap? They have about 15 mill coming off the cap this season. To resign all of those players it would cost about 6 mill (5.8 if my estimations are correct). Then if Rosival is traded for a draft pick, Drury is traded for a player with half of his salary, and Redden is sent down, that would add an additional (from 11.5-14.5 mill extra... depending on how the whole being sent down to hartford thing works). That'd leave 9 mill and let's say at worst another 11.5. 20.5 mill.. Volchenkov 5.3, Sharp 4.5, Radulov 3.5, Zherdev 4.5, Grachev 1.1, Sang/Sauer/McD .8, Dupont .8, makes around 20 mill. Fits perfectley.

2) In a couple of seasons. See another 1 or 2 defensemen leave or traded to free up some more space for young prospects. Trade Dubinsky... calling up Stepan (Centers will be Sharp, Anisimov, Stepan, 4th line... unless any of you want Dubi to play wing... which he doesn't have the goal scoring ability to play, he should be traded for max value... doesn't mean i want him traded now, just when there is a suitable replacement). There will be a spot for Kreider in a few years as well.

Next year's line up:


Del Zotto-Volchenkov

A lot more scoring than this year, arguably more grit with the 3rd and 4th line the way they are, a lot more speed and insurance for Gaborik. Defense get's significantley better as well.
Brilliant plan! Now all we need is to acquire enough alcohol to keep 29 GM's drunk for 2 years and we're set!

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