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Originally Posted by ThinkBlue
No, there is no current mess. Put your anti-Leaf blinders aside and see that. Steen and Colaiacovo will make the NHL. Bank on that. But if you really want to see 19 and 20 year olds in the NHL on a team aspiring to win the cup, well, suit yourself.

I did read what you wrote and its bunk. George Gross' article does nothing to prove your claim about Quinn since he wasnt here as GM in 98 and 99, when most of those players he refers to were drafted.

Gross fails to take into account when Quinn was hired. So do you.

IF youre going to judge the history of this organizations drafting, go wild. Im not about to debate that. If youre going to moan about what the situation is like now - then you're being far too premature into judging either way. There is no mess, even if you keep telling yourself there is.

You seem to miss the point - the Laffs rated themselves last in their own draft analysis which included the 2002 draft. Gross was only reporting on what their own document found. I did not include the drafts after 2000 in my analysis because it takes at least three to five years to see what happens when you are drafting 17 year olds as I noted in my original post.

My criticism of the draft record was of the team not just Quinn, as I pointed out prior to his arrival he was regularly screwing up in Vancouver. His response then was as now, ignore the draft and try to buy players. The Canucks under Quinn had one of the highest payrolls in the league. You keep trading away first round draft choices for veterans and you get old in a hurry and have a poorly stocked farm system. There was no farm system left in Vancouver by the time Quinn was through - just a bunch of overpaid veterans. That team had to be blown up and rebuilt - the hiring of Iron Mike accomplished the first part.

Besides although Quinn was the coach since 1998, by all accounts he was part of the draft (daft??) brain trust since arriving.

You seem to have a comprehension problem.

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