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04-14-2010, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by CHGoalie27 View Post
Funny, I was thinking the very same thing after I posted yesterday too.

I guess it all comes down to the 'everything happens for a reason' thing and those reasons were ultimately the positioning of the NYR PKers.

I like the post though, because even though I still see it as I was one of those plays where it was more about unfortunate puck bounces.

Boom Boom, seriously no reason to try to bicker over opinion difference or whatever.
I am well aware of Boyle being the biggest disappointments (all 6'7 of him) on that play and most else he's been around. I was just mentioning for thread's sake that the most meaningful opposition goal of the year(normal-non-shootout goal) happened while the two most complain about were together on the ice.
IMO the R&R boys have to go before we can call ourselves a contender.

No reason to say I don't know the sport.
There's never a reason to TELL(instead of ask) someone here what they meant by something, to assume more than literal meaning.
This team can compete with Rozsival on the roster. Its silly to think otherwise.

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