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09-28-2003, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by skidboot
just wondering...when Brisebois plays his normal wuss way and ends up costing us, (and be guaranteed he will) will you guys still be saying "thats alright Breezer, you've come into camp in good shape blah, blah, blah..." Do a few of you guys tie his skates for him also??? Tuck him into bed at night? Kiss a boo boo??? Powder his bum???

how much more do we have to endure. I'll cheer on the Canadiens but I will not put up with this guy anymore. He is the gutless one, a true coward on the ice, a one dimensional wussbag matador.
When the going gets tough Breezer goes to France.

Brisebois is a stiff. If he didn't have that contract that he doesn't warrant he would be long gone from Montreal. The contract is not Breezers fault though.

what a joke this is....The Patrice Brisebois fan club is alive and well on the hockeysfuture message board.

how much longer.....

I can't wait for next year (if we have next year) to hear the faithful on hockeysfuture Montreals message board come to Breezers defense.

how much longer...

I'll boo him. Just to watch the tears roll down his eyes.
Why don't you grab a bat and break his knee caps Gillooly-style then you'll be rid of him. You may even see tears then, sadist.

Boo him if it's warranted, not because he touches the puck. It’s disgusting to hear, and it can’t be good for the team.

Gainey is right, they don’t need these fans at the game.. they’re mindless! Most of them probably don’t even know what they’re booing for.

Brisebois is not a favorite of mine but this whole situation has gotten out of hand. No other player in the NHL takes this kind of abuse from his team’s fans for no reason. The contract can’t even be debatable because anyone would have taken that contract. Finally we have someone like Gainey to take hold of the situation as best he can. Will it stop though? Probably not… always going to be morons in the stands anywhere…

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