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09-28-2003, 01:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Wetcoaster
I have answered the sheep.

You have yet to say anything substantial that merits a response. My criticism was of the Laffs' "organization" (and I use that term under protest), I also pointed out Quinn's record while in Vancouver and it is not pretty.
No, you haven't. Pat Quinns' first draft table was in 2000. Anything or anyone drafted prior to the fact is moot. Its obviously something you fail to comprehend, so read it slowly. Please do not go citing George Gross in your little anti-Quinn escapade, because it doesn't help your cause one bit. I've demonstrated that, and you fail to acknowledge or refute any of the points I'v brought up.. I'll tell you again,:

In response to this quote in particular:
In the last five years, when Quinn was there for the most part, the Laffs were LAST in the NHL. While the period from 1989 was bad, the last five years have been worse. Remember this is the Laff's own analysis.
It goes like this. Quinn was not in charge in 98 and 99. Therefore, the "last 5 years" argument holds no merit, since most of the prospects who have played in the NHL since then are draftees from 98 and 99 (I refer to Gross' Colorado 9 and Nj 7).

If you look at the picks made from 2000 to today, the prospects are promising, much moreso than the previous regime. So you're either a piss poor judge of talent, or are simply to unintelligent to grasp the fact that Quinn has replenished what was once an empty system.

If you wish to discuss the other aspects of the organization, say so. Your initial crock of crap you call an argument/post said nothing of the sort. I'll gladly take you on if you want to show some respect to the Fans of this team and the posters here.

I await your response. But if its just going to be one of your typical one -line retort 'LOL' or "ROFLAMO', then save it for somebody who cares.

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