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09-28-2003, 02:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Aphotic
I wouldn't want to finish last this year, because I think it would have a negative impact on all the kids that get to play this year, and may harm their development.
As much as I think Ovechkin could help this team, I wouldn't want 2 or maybe even 3 prospects to never reach full potential because of it.
I don`t think that any of our prospects would be so crushed by a last place finish that they would never develop or reach there full potential. I`d like to have Ovechkin like most people on this board....I don`t want montreal to bomb the season to get him tho. I don`t think there is much of a chance of Montreal finishing last if anything they`ll probably pick in the top 10 again this year. It`s really all up to how theo plays. But anyway if they did finish in last I don`t think our prospects would be affected by it. Being in loosing situations dosn`t seem to affect other teams better prospects why would it affect ours?

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