Thread: Larry Brooks: Eight Steps To Fix Flunking Rangers
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04-14-2010, 12:08 PM
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As I was reading everyone's fine responses, something else puts a bit of a wrinkle in the cap match for the Rangers. Brashear, regardless of where he plays in the Ranger organization, will be a cap hit against the Rangers next year. If someone in the know can explain the over-35 clause, I would be grateful. So Brashear may be back up next year as a spare forward.

On edit:
The Rangers, who have approximately $1.15 million in full-season salary-cap space available, would clear approximately $425,000 by immediately demoting Brashear. Unless Brashear is dealt to another organization, the Rangers will be on the hook for a $1.4 million cap hit next season regardless where (New York, AHL, Europe) or whether No. 87 plays.

Mullichicken and Brooklyn Ranger had some concerns about what the ramifications were for sending Wade Redden to the AHL with regard to potential Free Agents. Although the numbers and length arent the same, we did send Brashear down this year. Chalfdiggity, maybe that will alleviate some concern about the Rangers willingness (balls) to send Redden down.

As far as reputation. Brashear, Ales Kotalik, and Ilkka Heikkinen have all expressed dissatisfaction on how they were treated by the Rangers. These aren't superstars, nor players that we should be overly concerned with, but it may affect a potential free agent's decision on whether to come here or not. Brooklyn, and Mulli's fears may be confirmed. That being said, there is even less of a reputation risk sending Wade down.

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