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Name: Brandon

Age: (just turned) 29

Location: Born in Apple Valley, MN, l went to High School at Bloomington Jefferson, then lived in Queens, NY for a while, now I live in Mission Beach (San Diego) California

Fav All time Minnesota player (Wild or North Stars): Neal Broten, Mike Modano (I hate Marian Gaborik, I hope he falls off a cliff!)

Fav Current Wild: Cal Clutterbuck, Gulliuame Latendresse, Greg Zanon(he's tough as nails!) & Martin Havlat but he disapointed me this season...

Fav Non Wild Players: Zach Parise, Scotty Hartnell, and then Wayne Simmonds & Teddy Purcell from the Kings (I got to go on the team cruise and I partied with these guys in Mexico, they rock!) Oh and as of the other day, Evander Kane! Anyone that knocks Matt Cooke on his ass like that with 1 punch is cool in my book! haha

Fav Wild Prospect: Caey Wellman (Is he considered a prospect!?) That kids got jets!

Fav Non Wild Prospects: IDK either...

Other Fav teams: Islanders!!! (they will be great again soon!) Then the Flyers, Blackhawks & Kings! These guys all got me thru '93 -'00 and I won't soon forget that(I still love the Stars too but it's a love / hate thing)

Fav Movies: numerous ones but Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Fight Club, I heart Huckabee's, Fargo & Lock Stock & two Smoking Barrels, Snatch & Big Lebowski come to mind..

Fav TV shows: Arrested Development, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League, Flight of the Conchords & King of the Hill

Music: anything really, not really into country but I like everything from Atmosphere to Led Zepplin to Dave Mathews to Amon Tobin & everything in between

Hobbies: Hockey, snowboarding, video games (even tho I suck at them) surfing & definitly traveling!

Fav food: a proper Philly Cheesesteak!

Fav Beer: Depends on my mood but Stella & Shock Top are always good! Then Bud Light for beer ponging!

Fav Wild moment/how I became a fan: Been a fan since the beginning even tho I've never liked our name or colors (wish we could be te North Stars again...) But I'd say my favorite moment ever was Brunette's goal on Roy in game 7! That will forever be an epic moment for any Wild fan!

How long I have been a Wild fan: 2000

Origin of screen name: My Hockey number (Paying homage to Neal Broten!)

Jerseys owned: Umm just hockey, Or all sports? Hell I got time...

Minnesota Wild (2) Away & new 3rd jersey
Minnesota NorthStars (3) Signed Modano, home & away
New York Islanders (4) Signed Bossy, CCM away, New rbk Home & Fishsticks (it was a gift)
Flyers (2) home & 3rd
Kings (3) Signed Luc Robataile, away CCM & new home
Balckhawks home
Maple Leafs Home
Red Wings signed 2008 away cup jersey
Dallas Stars Rbk Away
Penguins Stall jersey
Devils home jersey
Rangers Chris Drury captain jersey
Team Canada Home & Away
Old CCCP home & away (deifferent years)
numerous personal jersey's High school, beer league, etc, etc

Then Angels jersey, Aresenal Jersey, Chargers jersey, Cardinals jersey, Vikings jersey, and a Bronco's jersey

I know I'm forgetting some but thats enough for now! haha

Married?: nope,

Kids: nope!

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