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02-18-2005, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Anksun
Disagree a bit here.
Ottawa need to balanced lines and Tanguay for Havlat would be a nice switch imo.

Someone above me have posted:
Tanguay Spezza Hossa
Vermette Smolinski Alfredsson
Schaefer White Fisher
Varada Kelly Neil

It's better imo. But not enough yet also. When i see this lineup, it make me wonder why they trade Bonk (even if i'm not the biggest fan, i kind of "like" him).

For a team with so much POWER on the right side (with havlat still there), Smolinski and White as a 2-3 punch down the middle must be some kind of joke. And it's not even taking into account the fact that the 1st center in front of them is still a young unproven one (I think he will just be fine so let's just keep in mind the 2-3 punch).

Ottawa will do fine in regular season, but to me this lineup needs major changes if you want playoffs results. Those 1-2-3-4 centers just wont cut it. And the RWs are not much better and i honestly think Havlat for Tanguay is the kind of deal Ottawa should start looking at. I like Havlat perhaps more than Tanguay, he's also younger and cheaper but Tanguay is just a better fit with the actual offensive core of Ottawa.
What's wrong with White and Smolinski as 2-3 line centers? Smolinski I feel is underrated if only because he's overpayed, he's a serviceable center that won't slow down his linemates and is responsible defensively. I actually like him over Bonk for several reasons. He actually works hard, he's faster, and he plays a rougher game while having a smaller body. Pretty much the same goes for White, who is capable of putting up pretty good point totals. I think his numbers will decline because of other young players surpassing him but that he's still a decent center.

Would you feel better with Fisher as the 2-3 line center? That is his usual postion, and I think he's better than both White and Smolinski. I don't see any trouble down center, its left wing we lack depth at, but I still wouldn't give up Havlat for Tanguay. I feel they're comparable players right now, and I think Havlat will surpass Tanguay by quite a bit in the near future.

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