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04-14-2010, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by doobie604 View Post
se16 is top of the line stick form easton. however xxx-lite is one of the best stick made as far as performance goes. you might like the se16 but i'm sure you're not going to like the se6 after using the xxx-lite. as far as flex goes, it's all about what you can flex. even if you're around 150, if you can't flex a 77 you have to go with a lower. test this at a store or something to find your ideal flex.
Thanks for the info.

I was wondering how the Easton Synergy ST is...
my friend just bought one: it seems somewhat heavy (510 g)... what are your thoughts?

Also, how much should I be able to flex the stick in order for it to work for me?

P.S. The the curves that the website matched my Naslund curve to
were Sakic for Easton, Draper for Warrior, and Stastny for Sherwood...
do these seem reasonably correct?

EDIT: What brand is better (Rank from 1-3 if you can)... Warrior, Easton or Nike/Bauer?

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