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04-14-2010, 06:48 PM
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ST is good stick, very durable but it is a bit heavy and it's older technology. Some nhlers still use the ST because of the durability.

as for flex, without using full power (1/2 or 3/4) you should be able to flex the stick. if you need a lot of force, then it's too stiff for you.

the curves sound right, the only one i'm not sure about is the statny curve. the rest are all similar.

as far as better brand, it is personal preference again. all the top end sticks are pretty good, the only difference would be how durable they are, depending on your hand size what type of shaft feels good in your hands, and what type of shots you like to take mid kick or low kick point etc.... for me i like the bauer sticks because they're pretty durable and give you good performance. one95 and xxxx are my fav sticks. easton give you good performance but not as durable as the bauers when you compare some of their top end sticks. rbk 10k is good but not sure if they'll last. warrior like the dolomite is a good stick, but the technology hasn't changed much since the inno days.

Originally Posted by jabroni1994 View Post
Thanks for the info.

I was wondering how the Easton Synergy ST is...
my friend just bought one: it seems somewhat heavy (510 g)... what are your thoughts?

Also, how much should I be able to flex the stick in order for it to work for me?

P.S. The the curves that the website matched my Naslund curve to
were Sakic for Easton, Draper for Warrior, and Stastny for Sherwood...
do these seem reasonably correct?

EDIT: What brand is better (Rank from 1-3 if you can)... Warrior, Easton or Nike/Bauer?

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