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Originally Posted by NuxFan09 View Post
What are you smoking? I understand that the Kings are a good team and that this isn't going to be a cake walk series by any means, but to suggest they're favourites is pretty delusional. Yes, the Kings finished a mere 2 points below the Canucks but that is almost entirely due to the parity that exists in today's NHL. Head to head, the Canucks are a superior team to the Kings.

Again, it won't be a cake walk and it would not be far-fetched in the slightest to suggest the Kings could win this series. Make no mistake, though, the Kings are the underdogs here.

Yet another case of the infamous inferiority complex... I know Canucks fans are used to being disappointed but it's really getting annoying. Hank won the Art Ross this year when most people here didn't even think he could reach 90. Time to start believing already, folks.
Are we not allowed to have a raised eyebrow over our own team here? I hope they do well too, but alot of question-marks need to be answered for our team to be successful, IMO. The Canucks have not looked very sharp against tight competition for a while now. It's easy to look at the records/numbers (which are actually pretty damn close) and declare us as the favorites, but alot of that was built up when Mitchell was still in the lineup.

This team needs to refocus and play up to their ability before I'm comfortable declaring them favorites against a very solid LA team, IMO.

IF Luongo pulls it together and the defense is able to play up to their potential, it isn't very close, IMO, but that hasn't been anywhere near the case as of yet.
Originally Posted by Awesomesauce View Post

And this is coming from someone who LOVES Crosby. The Sedins are the most underrated defensive forwards in the game today. Bar none and by a distance.
I just disagree. The Sedins are obviously very solid defensively, and most of that comes from the ability to keep the opposition in the other end, but they haven't really improved in that area since a couple years ago, and this year, while they're putting up tons of points and hasn't been hurt by it, it looks like they look a little more lost than usual when they're defending in their own end. Burrows has helped them look alot better in their own end than they have been, IMO.

As much as I like the Sedins and as good defensively as I think they are (not as much as you do though), I've just been that impressed with how much Crosby has amped up his defensive game.

Disagree if you want but I don't understand why either of you would consider those far-fetched opinions.

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