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04-14-2010, 11:00 PM
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he was one of the worst 6'4" defenseman ive ever seen. definitely the weakest on his skates. continually bullied off the puck in the corners by far smaller players. lead feet in his own end, no poise in his own end with or without the puck. he did two things well, rush straight forward with the puck, and shoot. almost never both at the same time mind you. once people rush his shot, he wasnt very good on the pp. he had just scored a ton of goals, and they still didnt trust him in the playoffs. he is a risk at all times. he could be the 7th d man and play him on pp only, i suppose. he is not a top 4 guy, which means he could be taking a job from carson or mcbain who should both be on the team. i wouldnt give up pothier for two babchuks. better in all zones, and a better pp guy even. he only lacks 10 mph on his shot in comparison to babs, of course he puts his shots on net with a hell of a lot more frequency. pothier should be a priority. as trading babs should be. i second the idea of packaging him with a pick to move up.

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