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02-18-2005, 08:19 PM
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I've seen volcheknov 3 times this season and grebshkov twice.

This is what i saw.
Both were AWFUL impressive when i watched them. Volchenkov has a HUGE shot and he scored from the point with it once. He is an awful good hitter and when i watched he was the best player on the ice...better then spezza. Spezza outpointed him, but volchenkov was a monster hitter in the games i watched. He was amazing. I think this guy's come a long way. He's ready for the NHL. What suprised me was how much he rushed the puck, i saw him more as an outlet passer, he wasn't all that bad at it either. He was great positioning defense wise also. Overall great dman.

Grebeshkov played differently. Defense wise he was much more finesse, he was great positioning wise and i really liked his skating. His poise with the puck was great. He suprised me in that he didn't rush the puck much, but he made some nice clean passes. He has a nice clean shot.

Overall, between the two if i had to pick grebeshkov would be safer, but i think volcheknov has a "dominate" potential. Also factor in that i'm a bruins fan and i hate the sens....and i've done nothing but complement volchenkov. Prior to this AHL season i always made fun of him cause bergeron injured him in the one game along with varada They are two REALLY different dmen, and for me its hard to pick one of the other, but both are great.

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