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04-15-2010, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Blueline Bomber View Post
Not sure when it became an either/or situation between Babs and Pothier, as that's a no brainer given this team's lack of defensive-defensemen. Because that's what Pothier is, a defensive-defenseman.

In terms of PP time, Babs should get the nod regardless of what you think of him. To say otherwise is to let your dislike of him cloud your judgment. Hell, Carson or Rodney should be getting PP time over Pothier.

It's not a knock against Pothier, it's simply the way the two players have developed. Offensively, Babchuk's got the edge over Pothier.
Pothier is not a defensive-D. He is primarily a puck-mover who can play a decent defensive game, more of a hybrid player but with a finesse style. He isn't great on either side of the puck and Babchuk certainly has a better point-shot but Pothier is a much better passer, puck-mover, skater and decision-maker.

The problem with Babchuk on the point is that if you take away his shot, you have almost nothing. When you overplay and pressure other points to take away their shots, they can hurt you with their passing. With Babchuk, you mostly get turnovers. He is like the pitcher who can throw 100 mph but offers little else but has lots of fans nonetheless.

With the youth movement, I'm not sure management is going to want a guy with his baggage around who really has never proven himself outside of 25 games in the NHL. Yes, he was decent in other stretches with Pitkanen but when people hang their hats on his 16 goals they have to remember that the majority of them came during his hot streak. Way too much attention on a guy with such flaws.

Originally Posted by Blueline Bomber View Post
I think the stickwork is where the main difference between the two sides comes from. Everyone agrees he's slow, everyone agrees he's got a hell of a shot, but it's the defensive aspect that the main disagreement comes from.
If you want to see a guy who systemically and tactically uses his stickwork to great advantage, watch Pothier. He is excellent both in terms of extension and lifting other player's sticks. Then there are the guys like F. Kaberle, who use their stick to stay out of the fray because they don't like contact. Babcuk is more closely aligned with Kabs.

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