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04-15-2010, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Kind of Blue View Post
It seems clear to me that the team's captain (among others) also went through a relatively rocky adjustment period under Tortorella, one that lasted for at least half a season. And say what you will about Drury, but he's no headcase, as you said Avery is (mind you, Avery's measured, honest, rational comments seem to clash with what one might expect from a headcase). So, point being, if Avery wasn't the only one, and alleged headcases and nonheadcases alike struggle somewhat to adjust, maybe your criticism is a little unfair and you should be a little more understanding and just take his comments at face value.
I think it was Torts that came around to Dru, he finally put him on the PP and guess what, he produced like his old numbers, what a revelation !

Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
Yeah, pretty much. I mean when it was the whole, "he's a disgrace, blight on the game," etc, that was one thing...but it's now come to people just making **** up about him. I have no desire to get involved in that. I'll just shut my mouth and continue to enjoy having him on my team.
Did I make anything up? He took half a season to understand the coach. A 30 yr old veteran who is not asked to produce points every night, do, ya know, what he does for a living.

Again, the guys very entertaining and believe in team, the problem is he doesnt like to march to everyone else's drum. He has to do it HIS way....but he only does that for the team !

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