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02-18-2005, 10:06 PM
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Originally Posted by fan mao rong
The Business of Hockey section has become, contrary to your assertion, the nesting place of some pro-player sycophants, and some people who , it appears, are the beneficiaries of some NHLPA largesse, and have made the moderation thereof into the NHLPA Ministry of Propoganda. The preponderance of Saner Arguments on the text of the Business of Hockey Board, itself, shows that the average person has too good of sense to fall for the NHLPA load of rubbish. The Players did not make ONE real concession in the entire process. The 24% salary reduction was to be expected, but should have been at least 30% to have any real effect. The other seeming concessions were scams with alot of whereas'es and wherefore's negating any seeming effect of reduction in payroll. Like the reduction in the rookie cap by $400,000 but keeping unlimited bonuses. The rookie will just hold out for bigger bonuses. The seeming move to 2 way arbitration is also a scam, as it is available only once per season or once per career.. A player can be eligible for arbitration at 21 and may continue until 30. So Ownership has that right once in 9 years. NOt effective. The key to their salary cap demands is that last season's average salary was 44 million. Every proposal they made was in excess of that, ergo, every proposal they made would have resulted in a raise for their membership. Every proposal they made was a scam. Bettman is blameless in this. Under Bettman revenues went from around 400 million to 2.1 Billion in 10 years. That a 500% increase in 10 years or 50% a year for 10 years. Any other business would be considered a roaring success with that. The League is hampered by an obstructionist union that feeds off it's life force.

Well written my friend!

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