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02-18-2005, 10:07 PM
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Originally Posted by GagsIsDaMan
As much as I agree that Bettman has done squat for our sport...I personally put the blame on the players. They are all egomaniacs. They wine and complain that thier salaries are going to be cut and yet they go play in Europe for peanuts compared to what they could make under the new contract presented by the league. So I guess it's all right to play in Europe for a mil a season but not alright to play in North America for 3 mil.

Owners have every right to make a profit as a the real world if my company isn't making money, I get laid off.

And all this talk of the players giving up this and giving up that is BS. They want to share in the profits yet I don't see them saying they will share in the losses.

Start next year with replacement players...sure the play would be waterdowned, but at leat the people playing would be grateful for thier opportunity and not think it is thier right to play in the NHL.

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