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09-28-2003, 02:29 PM
Joe Malone
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I don't boo any player's mistakes. (I curse them under my breath. :p ) And I guess people do have the right to boo if they've paid for their ticket. But Brisebois has been booed when he's come out for the pre-game skate, booed when he steps on the ice for his shift, booed when he approaches the puck, and booed when he touches the puck. All this before he's done anything! It's gotten ridiculous. And if he's booed because he's overpaid, then the entire league should be booed, as they're all overpaid.

I've been critical of Breezy in the past, and he still hasn't won me over, but he seems to making an honest effort to start the year. If Brisebois' teammates and the Habs management are willing to forget his past mistakes, then I can give him another chance too. (I reserve the right to curse under my breath though. )

As for what Gainey said, I like it. Just think, the next time someone boos Patrice needlessly, the person in the next seat can call the booer a gutless *******. Should make for some interesting conversations (or confrontations) in the stands.

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