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09-28-2003, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by DKH
I can't handle the truth ; actually, every know and then I reread my posts before submitting and say what the heck are you doing. My mind is flowing with about 10 topics; and since I just came from watching the Pats game with a bunch of the boys (and girls) and had a few brews I'm not posting nuthin!!! I do have the Broons game on in the background, err, just turned it on and have wonder who is doing what?

I admit I do best early in the morning posting before that first (and only 20 oz cup of coffee); I missed out on the whole ADD thing which I would have used as a crutch had I known it was out there and available.
I kid you not: there are two different writers posing as DKH in this forum! Your alter ego digresses like Hunter S. Thompson...

A professor told us it was important to turn your editor off before you start writing. Well, when your alter ego is at the controls, your editor is tied, gagged and locked in a closet...and it's a roller coaster ride for the rest of us!

More than an editor, I think what we all need here is an italicizer!

Gravely spake he, head bowed, unto the King of Digression: Sire, I pledge my sword [pen] and all my vassels [readers] to you!

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