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Originally Posted by spanman112 View Post
Well since my man se7en told me to come over to this site from CBS I figured I would pop my cherry on this topic.

I agree with most of what se7en said; (1)the main reason that the Wild donít generate that much interest is because they are never a story. That can be a bad thing Ö but it can also be a very good thing. You guys never have controversy (for the most part), your fans are GREAT, some of the best that Iíve come across, and you arenít doochenozles Ö(2) and you donít really have and Avery type players, so other fan bases donít really hate you.

When it comes to media exposure itís all about the story. A famous line in the media industry is ďif it bleeds, it leadsĒ Ö which is true in both news and sports related news. I mean who wants to read an article about a pretty ok team with no locker room fights and no terrible contracts weighing them down, etc etc. Itís like getting an update stating ďno new updateĒ haha. But like I said, itís not necessarily a bad thing. Heck I envy it! (3)You think us Rangers fans like hearing about Redden and Sather all the time? Ö we know they suck! Haha.

Point is, without a story you guys will continue to be buried in the lower end of the media exposure market. It sucks cuz I really would like to catch more Wild games without having to pay for Center Ice (which I usually get anyway).(4) So if you really wanna get more Wild games on VS and NBC, start picking fights in the stands or something haha, but I know you wonít cuz that ainít your style Ö keep it classy Minny!

(5)PS Ė I REALLY hope they allow the Wild to use the North Stars naming rights Ö even if it only means getting the North Stars jersey as like a 3rd jersey Ö they are one of my fav jerseys of all time!

(6)PPS Ė Iím sure you guys arenít too fond of my avatar Ö but Iíve had a man crush on Gabby since he potted 5 against the Rangers!
First of all, welcome to HF!

1. Agreed, although there are many factors as to why that's the case despite being both successful and a disgrace.

2. Derek Boogaard and Cal Clutterbuck disagree. Everyone hates them; it's the one thing people say about the Wild besides "they are boring" and "good fans, I wonder why they aren't on HF?"

3. No, but then again that's what happens with the NY/Toronto/Montreal media.

4. They already play the maximum games on VS despite not making the playoffs (local ratings play a key role) and are the last team in the West not named Detroit or Chicago to make an appearance on NBC. So that's not so much an issue.

5. It's a completely different team and time to move on.

6. No it's fine.

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