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09-28-2003, 02:52 PM
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Originally Posted by strummerman
For me there are 2 important points about this whole discussion- One I agree everyone has right to boo. However, I find that the group of fans that go the Bell Centre to specifically pick on Breezer hoping he makes an error in order to boo him is not real booing but harassment. Everyone should get booed for making errors. However, the instant your out to get someone then it is conspiratorial and plain harassment. In that situation I think Gainey should boot those fans out of the rink.

The second point is the contract. Whenever they discuss Breezer, the discussion always goes back to how much he is paid. As everyone knows by now, I care little what a player makes. The fact he makes 4-5 million interests me in the least. Most of the time players are paid for their past performances anyways and not what they are doing now. The point is if the booing is related to his contract then Gainey is right these fans are plain jealous of what he is earning. I think Breezer is earning the market rate and that is it

You make a couple of great points, guess we can agree on this one (unlike our projections for the year;-)

I compare the "fans" who boo a player when he steps on the ice with the goofs at PGA tournaments who bellow "you the man!!" as loud as the can after someone tees off. It doesn't matter that the tee shot is headed 40 yards into the next fairway, it only matters that you can draw attention to yourself through behaving like a witless ass.

By the way, Strummerman, what's the story behind your user name? You a Clash fan or a guitar player?

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