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02-19-2005, 08:49 AM
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the canucks are in a great position whether Naslund's back or not, and whatever happens with Bertuzzi.

Pretty much everyone on the team is signed, the payroll sitting at $43mill, without a rollback.

Put in a $45mill cap, we're still fine - $2mill extra room with the roster as is... Naslund leaves, that opens up another $5.5mill.

Add a rollback, and we've got tons of room, everyone still signed, and a team that has already said they are willing to commit up to $48 mill (without cap considerations) in payroll.

Naslund and Bert aren't back, there's still lots of room to add payroll, lots of good UFAs still out there and a team - that unlike many out there is both under a current cap as being discussed, and a franchise that has the $$ to go to that cap limit.

If Bert's suspension continues (IMO it won't), then that opens up a huge payroll slot to go after a guy like Palffy or Murray... Kariya seems to be a lock to be signed - even with Naslund coming back (unless the cap doesn't allow it if there is no rollback)... both sides had confirmed a while back that the hold up was a CBA situation, but $$ and length had been agreed on unless a cap wouldn't make it work. It makes sense to sign Kariya in any case, whether Naslund is back or not, since he won't be around for long and Kariya, being a local boy and still a star player, would be a good transition player for the canucks once Naslund leaves.

hell at this point, if I'm the canucks I'd seriously consider bringing in both Kariya and Selanne - yea I know not too popular right now, but even if all Selanne's got is 20 goals a year (which IMO is a given with him in Vancouver, and I'm not completely discounting him based on 1 bad season in a system and team that he simply didn't fit in), then he still makes sense... of course at a much reduced price on a 1 yr deal.

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