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04-16-2010, 01:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Splitbtw View Post
I feel like my stick with a lie of 5.5 is too short. However, my 6 lie stick (about an 1.5 inches longer) is perfect. I would prefer to not buy another blade for my shorter stick and just replace the butt end; would that help it sit better? Or should I just internet search for pretty much a bauer blade? I'd really prefer to fix this with a $5 fix rather than $40 plus shipping. I'd be looking for a standard blade to pair with my old school ultra lite.
I'm tall and went to a longer stick so I switched from a 6 lie to a 5.5 lie. The higher the lie the sharper the angle of the blade in relation to the shaft.

Sorry if you know this crap already, it gets redundant around here but here goes anyhewdles.

A 5.5 is not much different than a 6 but it is different. More toe touches with a 5.5 than a 6 unless you are using a shorter shaft to make the same middle spot touch as the 5.5 did using the 6 lie.

if you made the stick with 5.5 lie longer it would be perfect like your 6 lie but the stick would be longer than your 6 lie shaft SOOOOOoooo if the 6 and that length fits scrap the 5.5 lie and never buy it again.

I just sold a bunch of 5 lie blades to get rid of them and cursed myself for ever buying them even though they were on clearance. Sometimes bargains are tempting but i am never buying the wrong lie ever again no matter what the price.

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