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04-16-2010, 06:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
I'm not worried about it. My entry will be in here, I do not own a radar gun though but the video will be obvious. It is good to be healed up 100%, I posted a video in here already when I tore my bicep tendon and made a thread for it and showed a video of how much it healed in just 4 weeks and was the first time since the injury shooting lightly and at about 65% to 80% and people in here said it looked like about 80mph. I only shot one that felt right bicep wise in that video. it wasn't a slapshot video in other words, it was a bicep pain in the injury video.

I'm not sure why people just don't take people's word for things if they are going to or already have posted a video in here. What would I benefit by saying I can and then clearly can't? I am more interested in seeing others contributions as well. i am sure some folk around here can crank too.
You act like this is a personal attack, get over it. If you're so sure put up a video of your shot with the speed on a radar gun if you're so sure. No gun, no good. There is no way you can accurately measure your shot by just looking at the video, that's why cops don't sit out there and just pick up people that look like they're driving too fast. The whole purpose of the thread is shots taken at a gun, not guessing your shot speed by watching it.

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