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04-16-2010, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by CHGoalie27 View Post
Really? I don't think he's proven that at all.

I'm sure he's on this here boards in the first place to debate with YOU lol.
Not because he's a Rangers fan.
Not because he would like his favorite team AND ALL PLAYERS ON IT(even Brashear lol) to be the best possible.
Not because he sees obvious dysfunction on the team and calls it out.
...but because he wants to argue with YOU.

I think he's proven, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the main strategy of defending Rozsival is to chip at those who don't like how Rozsival plays when it counts-not his face, or number, or you for supporting him...I still personally like/respect any and all Rangers fans, regardless of what they claim to see. (Sincerely<>no sarcasm)

In this debate, with only one side ever showing they're willing to concede, I'd say the only side WANTING things to happen for this one is the side that a)Defends Rozsival and b)WILL NOT AGREE WITH ANYTHING that's said by those that don't let his major **** ups go unseen.

It's like when people take those who simply ask questions and don't believe our government and label them as "crazy conspiracy theorists".
you've convinced me

can we put this thread to bed now?

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