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Originally Posted by strummerman
For me there are 2 important points about this whole discussion- One I agree everyone has right to boo. However, I find that the group of fans that go the Bell Centre to specifically pick on Breezer hoping he makes an error in order to boo him is not real booing but harassment. Everyone should get booed for making errors. However, the instant your out to get someone then it is conspiratorial and plain harassment. In that situation I think Gainey should boot those fans out of the rink.

The second point is the contract. Whenever they discuss Breezer, the discussion always goes back to how much he is paid. As everyone knows by now, I care little what a player makes. The fact he makes 4-5 million interests me in the least. Most of the time players are paid for their past performances anyways and not what they are doing now. The point is if the booing is related to his contract then Gainey is right these fans are plain jealous of what he is earning. I think Breezer is earning the market rate and that is it
S Man I agree with a lot of what you say.Reaction to a play and harassment are 2 separate issues. If I see an error, I'll comment to whoever is beside me, I wouldn't boo, but that's just personality. If you leave the house looking to boo someone because you feel being a Habs "fan" puts you on some holy mission, well you're a pretty sad human being. I also agree with you about salary, I don't know if you heard Mcguire a few days ago discussing how you would seldom hear booing if salaries weren't disclosed. I don't agree with Gainey giving anyone the heaveho, though I'd enjoy it. I guess people have the right to be low class, about all you can do is hold up a mirror, much like Gainey already did.
I didn't read what was on RDS, though I heard Claude Maillhot talking about the rumour that it was the Italian community booing Brisebois. I hope I misunderstood him, as I'd hate to think we've become this idiotic.The idea Davedave read kind of threw me. So, if I understand correctly, some poster on a RDS board figures that booing Rivet would make Brisebois feel better. Sometimes I read what other people say and I feel smarter. So, in summation, apparently the Italians are after Brisebois, the French Canadians are going to boo Rivet, a guy from Thunder Bay, and every thing will be better. OK. BTW, I swear I'm not making up what Maillhot said on RDS, unless I was having an acid flashback.

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