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04-16-2010, 10:07 PM
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Originally Posted by donGjohnson View Post
My best slapper ever was close to 80. I have a buddy who has a snapper that is almost as good as my slapper though. Gotta be AT LEAST 72-74 when he cranks it. But it's his only shot, his straight wristers and slappers are meh because he never works on them. I believe HF68 that his slapper is close to 100. Truth is, a lot of people can hit 90 at AHL and NHL level, but few break 100. Seeing his at 92-93 wouldn't blow my mind because I know a guy who's smaller than he is who breaks 90 regularly. He injured someone with a slapper once and felt so bad, he switched solely to wrist shots.
I would not cripple anyone with my sweeping type wristshot, it isn't bad but it isn't that great. The snapper seems really a lot better with the composite sticks and in fact the youngsters today shoot that snap type wrister because of that. Someone posted about it in here and i had never noticed honestly until they mentioned it.

I've since been using that more instead so thanks to whomever pointed that out on here.

My wrister is probably 60 (?) + maybe. meaty-yoker.

As for hitting someone with slappers I dropped a guy once who cut across the slot while I was shooting and he went down and started the swearing thing and slammed his stick against the boards. I felt badly but he was a dick that most of us thought deserved it. he showed me the bruise about 4 days later and it was immense, it made me think about what you said about hurting people. I only take slapshots at pickup with players who know how to play and expect that. i do not use it at co-ed or shinny any longer unless I have a breakaway and I had asked the goalie prior if he minds slappers. The other thing I took into consideration is that most rinks when they have shinny hockey have only partial lighting on and honestly someone taking a good slapshot in low lighting is not very smart to do.

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