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Originally Posted by Dats13forlife View Post
I have used the Datsyuk, Recchi, and #4 all on Easton Synergy II and Warrior Dolomite shafts. Datsyuk is more mid-heel than anything, maybe mid, Recchi is mid all the way but not as big as CCM said it was, and the #4 is more toe. Mid-toe could be a good way to describe it but since I sand down the toe to make it actually round, it is toe. It isn't a toe kink like the Kovalchuk prostock or Warrior Smyth curves but toe non-the-less. Comparing the #4 to the #5, #4 is defiantly toe for Harrow.
"More like" as in "closer to" or "almost/similar" etc...

The #4 is similar to the Recchi but with a tiny bit of toe added. The Datsyuk, which is the closest Reebok variant, is SIMILAR to the Recchi but a larger curve and higher lie... It also starts a bit more towards the heel and has a less open face than the Recchi, but we're starting to split hairs.

Also the Kovalchuk pro is not a toe kink, a Rafalski pro would be more of a "toe kink." Since you like splitting hairs, the Kovalchuk pro is a very small heel with the majority of the curve in the toe.

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