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Originally Posted by jagged View Post
Most of the hockey schools in my area boast about having a former NHLer or someone who's worked in the NHL as a coach/trainer as their main instructor.
Just because a player has been in the NHL doesn't give them a license to coach or teach, seen that too many times. You have to know how to communicate with kids in different ways and at all levels from Mini-mites to Juniors.

Each player will understand what you are trying to tell him at different rates. It's just like teaching class at school. Some will get it by just telling them, others will understand what you are saying by showing them.

Now, I have a friend from Europe that coaches and can't skate very well. But he is like a magnet. Every kid wants to be in his power skating class...even NHL players.
The amazing thing is, he knows how to communicate his theories to the player in such a way, that he doesn't actually show them, but by the time you finish his school, you are doing all of the drills perfectly and with speed.

The stuff that he teaches is out of the box thinking on power skating. It's not the same old thing that you see at camps year after year. And because it's different, parents are paying big money to get into his class....amazing I tell you. Oh, and he's never been in the NHL, he's a math teacher that knows how to communicate with kids. Go figure!

So, I guess what I am telling you is that you have to have a special niche on how you train kids. I have worked with him for 6 years and it is amazing how he is able to do the whole thing by himself. He does it on a camp level and I do it on a program level. But he's really good.

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