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Originally Posted by AEM6729 View Post
My family doesn't have any specific superstitions per se, but there is one curse that we've noticed.

There's one fan in particular who walks around the upper bowl during intermissions wearing a foam puck on his head and muttering to himself. We've taken to calling him Puckhead. When my dad sees this person, we lose. EVERY time. Without exception. One time we made it to overtime and thought the curse was shaken, but we still ended up losing. There have been times when we've seen him and we're up by several goals and then have a meltdown and lose! It's a little creepy how accurate this curse is...I haven't kept close track of it, but it has to be in the double digits this season. It's gotten to the point where everyone sitting around us is aware of this curse, and will warn us if they've seen Puckhead in the vicinity.

This curse seems to be limited to my dad only, because when I see him and I'm on my own we've been able to pull out a win. But if my dad sees him, it's all over. Sightings generally occur when my dad goes to get ice cream during the 2nd intermission, so during the playoffs we may have to send a convoy out to procure frozen treats for him. Either that or have some kind of summit with Puckhead to explain the curse and ask him to stay the eff away from our section for the duration of the playoffs!
That's amazing. Best story so far... definitely send a convoy. Also consider carry a blindfold with you.

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