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Originally Posted by TBLfan View Post
The lies on all those blades are different, as well as the openness of the blade, blade length and blade shape. They all are the CLOSEST in comparison to eachother.

A P92 isn't a Sakic clone but if someone asks what is Bauer's Sakic clone, nearly everyone is going to say a P92(then you will get one idiot that says P106)... because it's the closest available pattern.

You're making it much more complicated than it is. An Easton Sakic is different if you compare it on a ST to an S19, blade thickness screws things up but again, that's splitting hairs.

I'm not saying you're wrong, the patterns are different but read my posts. I'm explaining that they're similar but different, you are just exaggerating the differences. We aren't comparing a Recchi to a Drury, we're comparing a Recchi to an Iginla(The closest match available).

BTW, Recchi => Tavares
I'm just trying to show that they say they are similar in a few ways but if someone wants to know the differences and if they play alike, thats where I explain things. And I did know the Tavares is the new Recchi but thats good that you mentioned that cuz some people don't know that.
A little, ok a lot, off topic here but how can Bauer say the P92 is a toe curve?

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