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04-18-2010, 04:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Dats13forlife View Post
I'm just trying to show that they say they are similar in a few ways but if someone wants to know the differences and if they play alike, thats where I explain things. And I did know the Tavares is the new Recchi but thats good that you mentioned that cuz some people don't know that.
A little, ok a lot, off topic here but how can Bauer say the P92 is a toe curve?
LOL, I have nooo idea. I guess it's just the closest mainstream pattern they have to a toe curve.

...but look at the lie scale, all different. Warrior measures at the heel, which makes ALL their lies vastly different than other companies. The Recchi/Tavares is listed as a 5(I believe) but it's definitely higher than an Easton 5, closer to 5.25. I think they just like messing with people.

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