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Originally Posted by NorthStar View Post
Wait a minute.. I seem to remember in the Hockey News years ago that the Albany Choppers were classified as an expansion team... that I am sure of.. .will have to dig up more info somewhere but I am really sure I remember the Choppers were mentioned as expansion team...

One other thing.... Do I classify the AHL Texas Stars as an expansion team or the relocated old Iowa Stars or what?? I need to make that clear for my Excel and MS Word project for AHL teams and more.
I had thought the Choppers franchise had existed prior to Albany as part of the IHL's coast to coast expansion.

We can probably think of the Texas Stars as a "temporary" license granted by the AHL BoG. Initially, this temporary deal was to last only one year. The Iowa Chops franchise/license still remains property, so to speak, of the owners in Des Moines so the Texas Stars definitely would not be the relocated Chops. Temporary expansion might be the best classification. Anyone else agree?

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