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09-28-2003, 05:41 PM
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CAR/MIN Prosposal

Marc Cavosie
Manny Fernandez
Eric Reitz

Thomas Malec
Thomas Kurka


I think Carolina needs goaltending help until one of their goaltenders ends up really shaping up and establishing themselves. Minnesota is most likely going to lose a goaltender in the waiver draft since all three need protection. Cavosie has a wicked shot but still needs a little bit of development. He can play both left wing and center I believe, since he is labeled as a left winger but plays center. Good third line/fourth liner like I said. He has also learned to play very solid defense under Lemaire and whoever they have down in Houston. Problem is, Lemaire has shown he is loyal to his veterans and isn't giving any centers a chance to move up, creating a bit of a logjam in the center and wing positions. Lastly Eric Reitz is a very solid defensive-defensemen. He has a nasty mean streak and the only real knock on him is he's small. He's developing into a nasty bottom 4 defensemen that'll hit anything and everything in sight along with clearing the crease.

Minnesota needs pure goalscorers and an offensive-defensemen. Both of these prospects are top notch so I don't know if Minnesota is going to get them. I also wouldn't put a lot of stock in Minnesota's HF prospect list because the idiot didn't know what he was doing...

EDIT: Forgot Minnesota pays a bit of Fernandez's salary. Say a million.