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02-21-2005, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by JCD
Done as a starter, still can contribute situationally. Signing him gives the Eagles depth so they don't have to bring Levens back a 3rd time.

Perhaps because the Eagles philosophy of ignoring the run has contributed to their inability to win a Super Bowl. Burgess has spent 2 games injured for every one he has played. He is a risky signing. Kalu is not a good run defender. With Burgess and Douglas both FAs, Eagles need to bring in another DE. Both Pryce and Carter are HUGE upgrades on either.

Ware, Hood and Wynn played rather poorly. They got picked on frequently. A reliable vet nickelback would go a long way towards solidifying a weak position. The young players may improve, but adding a vet CB to bridge the gap would be of tremendous benefit.

Coles and Mason will be looking for #1 money. Then again, Coles already has the money and may be looking for some wins instead. Muhammed picked the right time to be a FA, but is nearing the end of his career. As such, I doubt too many teams are willing to pony up big bucks. Plus, he too many be thinking Super Bowl over money at this point.

No way Gardner or Porter get #1 WR money. Both are second WRs. Exactly what the Eagles need.
I agree with some of your points, but not so much with others. I really don't think that they should sign George, even late last year playing in a limited role, he was pretty bad, I think that he is pretty much done. I do agree with the point on getting a defensive end although stopping the run wasn't a huge problem, it's probably the biggest thing that the defense needs to work on. I think that getting some good runblocking offensive linemen is more important because the run game was non-existent vs. the Patriots. Hopefully Andrews can help us in that department.

I really don't agree with your points about the corners. Hood really wasn't picked on and he made some pretty big plays during the course of the year. Ware didn't play the entire year and then for some reason, they had him try to cover Deion Branch in the Super Bowl, but he could still turn into a decent nickel corner.

I do think though that Porter or Gardner could be pretty nice fits that wouldn't cost too much.

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