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09-28-2003, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by degroat

You mean like the simpleton propoganda that Wetcoaster is spewing?

Here are the facts:

$1.93B revenue generated.
76% of that went to player salaries.


That is no propoganda. That is fact.
WHOA !!!!

Who said 1,93B are facts ? Owners said so , so it's true ? come on !!!

It's known since the history of the business createad that the owner will tell #'s they comfortable with it.

You are directly feeding the owners propaganda & you dont know it.

Westcoast is not an NHLPA agent or manifesto & he wrote an outstanding post & you put it down because of #'s plead by owners ?

Come on now you are smarter than this.

To continue the subject I've said numerous time , fans often gives a solution by thinking the players does not have any leverage during the CBA negotiation which is false. Every sports fan said this exact same thing in baseball, football, hockey, basketball & we heard the exact same thing in different words from every commish ''this is an historical agreement, we will be on our way to a great future bla bla bla.....''

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