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Originally Posted by HVPOLARBEARS19 View Post
I usually agree with you Crease, but I disagree with letting Avery go. I think if Avery can get his game going like he did at points this season, he is invaluable. Secondly, I really don't see another team taking a chance on him after what happened in Dallas. I guess it's possible, but the risk for another team seems to outweigh the positives. Also, I think that if Avery gets traded, then the team that trades for him is on the hook for his entire contract, not just the NYR half (though I could be wrong about that).

Next, Drury has a NMC. Basically the only place I could see wanting Drury, and that he would possibly agree to waive his NMC for, is Buffalo, but I have no idea how they would make room, what we'd get back, what else we'd need to include to sweeten the pot etc. Unfortunately, I think he is here for the long haul. He's not a bad player, and if he was making $3-4m a year, I'd gladly take him back since there are things that he does well, but at $7.5m, I just don't see us moving him.

Now, that being said, I agree with what you have said about Aasen and Anisimov. It is optimistic to stick them into the 2nd line, and ideally you don't want them to have to try to play there if they're not capable. We desperately need some more top 6 talent, since right now I think we have 1 legitimate top 6 forward in Gaborik. Prospal is aging, and who knows if he'll even be back. Plus, he has quite a bad history of "every other year-itis" where he seems to suck every second season. I love Callahan and Dubinsky, and they could be legit 2nd liners next year, but they're still on the cusp, and aren't established.

I like Christensen a lot too, but I also don't think that he really is a legit top 6 guy, he seems like a 40-50 point guy at the best case scenario, which is a little low if he even can reach that...which is questionable, I mean the guy was a waiver pick-up so...

We really do have some decent building blocks, and hopefully some of these guys do turn into 60+ point guys...I think Dubinsky is the most likely, with Callahan having a shot too. All in all, we NEED to make a run at Kovalchuk as far as I'm concerned. The guy is a game-breaker, and we do have a decent supporting cast that can play gritty hockey. With him, and Gaborik, we'd have a dynamic 1-2 punch who are both YOUNG, along with a few good looking prospects who are always questionable (Kreider, Stepan, Grachev and a few others) and a lot of other guys who are developing in the right direction, albeit slowly but surely in Dubinsky, Callahan, Anisimov etc.

We're on the right path IMO, but we do need another big time guy, and I don't think that Frolov, or another guy like this is the answer. Obviously I'd love to build from the ground up, through the system, but that is not always possible, and more importantly, it isn't a crime, or a deviation, to supplement these developments with talented free agent signings. If they're pricey, that is OK, as long as they are guys that are going to produce, which is what Kovalchuk is.
Love all your points, POLAR. You're right on in your assessment in the team.

As far as Avery goes, I think he has the potential to add tremendous value to the team. The only problem I have is that we have a log-jam of third line talent, and unless we rid ourselves of a couple of them, we'll be forced to sprinkle them in the top-six. And of Avery, Drury, Anisimov, Aasen, Callahan, and Christensen (if we re-sign him), I'd obviously like to keep Anisimov, Aasen, and Callahan.

But this of course is in an ideal world, and in reality no one is going to take Drury or Avery off our hands. Thus, get ready for a weak second line again this year...

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