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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
Yeah, it's the same response becuase it's the same answer, despite you not liking it. It's really not realistic to hope to find this stuff new, and to be perfectly honest, people constantly asking to find old gear perfectly new sitting somewhere is one of those things that really irks me, and that is why I tend to respond the way I do. It just seems like a denial of reality to expect this stuff to be there for you whenever you feel like you want it.

Something that does come to mind though is pro sales. You should be able to find at least gloves, a lot of pros still use them. Pro and junior teams often sell their gear off, there's a chance of finding it there. Mainly gloves, they don't usually sell off shoulders, elbows or shins, since players don't like to replace those.

Also, I was thinking that they were killed off around 06- which is 4 years. 2007 is 3.
I never said it had to be perfectly new "whenever I feel like I want it." But isn't that when most people decide to search for and buy things, though, when they feel like they want them? I don't want a new coffee maker, but should I go buy one now, and not wait until I feel like I want one? So sorry that a perfectly reasonable question irks you. You make it sound impossible. I guess all those people listing Jofa equipment on eBay are a bunch of frauds who are in "denial of reality" as you put it.

Thanks for the pro sale tip, though, I've already picked up some Jofa shins and shoulders through ECHL and NHL teams.

What I don't understand is the personal affront that my question posed to you that you replied the exact same thing as last year after being explicitly told not to bother?

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