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04-18-2010, 11:20 PM
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Your slapshot looks really good in the bottom video especially from the side on view. Nice that you shot vid from the side and back.

The wristshots look like you are using too much arm instead of the really good leg drive like you do with your slapshots. Your slapshot mechanics look damned good to be honest.

Your wristshot ... I looked at that a few times and you seem off balance somehow and it is stealing your power. You look like you are throwing it with your arms and using mostly wrists instead of using the same good leg drive in your slapshots.

You can especially see it about 20 seconds into the bottom video where you almost fall forward off balance.

You have good arm mechanics for sure though so it isn't a huge adjustment you have to make.

Your snapshot looks a little off balance but not horrible or anything, I see a wicked curl over of the blade at the end of your shot like you are powering it with your wrists and arms instead of leg drive like your wristshot.

Just work on the balance and leg drive shooting slowly at half power and get down low when shooting. You get down low in your slapshot and have good leg drive and need to adapt it to your other shots. Your slapshot looks just about perfect honestly, work on that other stuff.

I need to work on my backhand more, probably my weakest shot. I use my arms too much in my backhander and it causes a loss of power. I have worked on a backhander for a couple of years now, I guess it is decent but not very spectacular.

Good for passing but not for shooting. I can make good rinkwide hard backhand passes but when it comes to shooting on goal to get it up high it goes high but is weak.

My correct way wristshot needs work too so don't get upset about any criticisms. My wrong leg one is very good though. Everyone here needs to work on their shooting and if they say they don't they are lieing. Everyone has a weaker thing to work on.

Nice vids! I have a shooting range in my backyard off a plank of particle board and a 4 ft by 6 ft goal cage. If it ever gets warm and stops raining I can start making vids. Thanks for posting yours.

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