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04-19-2010, 08:08 AM
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Replying to Sonny:

It's not our fault they can't handle real reactions and heckling. I was at game two Friday night and they were awful -- the most common things said to the Flyers fans were "You guys suck," "Sit down," "Shut up," or "1975." Outside of that, I heard maybe two "Doucher" comments/chants for Boucher, and a couple "Where's your towels (they gave out rally towels)?" to which we promptly responded "where it belongs, wiping off my ball sweat." At least 99.7% was just awful, awful, grade-f heckling.

The more I travel to see the teams around here play the more I appreciate us as fans.
I was at the game on Friday too, and some of the **** I heard was laughable. I had a ton of Flyers fans around me and we all had a good Let's go Flyers chant going on, and someone was like "Shut up! You have AIDS!" It was quite ridiculous, and everything I heard that night was along those lines. I started with some kid outside during the first intermission cause he was *****ing how he wanted to heckle so bad but he couldn't (as they were losing at the time), and i said "Haha you're losing," and his rant went something along the lines of: "Shut the **** up you *****. Get the **** back here and say that **** to my face. You're ****ing dispicable, you *******....." I then turned laughed at him, and told him to watch his mouth, while continuing to laugh at him. He kept shouting at me as I went back in, but I wanetd to go back so bad just to see what he would do being as though I'm a girl and all.

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